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The IB Biology section of the Open Door Web Site is suitable for International Baccalaureate and A-level biology students.
All of the information sheets in these chapters have been contributed by Paul Billiet.

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Topic Chapters
This link leads to information on biochemistry, respiration, photosynthesis, homeostasis, physiology, ecology, evolution and genetics.

ICT in Biology
This link leads to information on using information technology in biology for data collection and data processing

Scientific Investigations
This link leads to information on planning, analysis of results and discussion of results obtained from practical work.

Drawing in Biology
Drawing is still a very important skill in biology. Drawings help to record data from specimens. Drawings can highlight the important features of a specimen.

Drawing Tables
Tables are a convenient way of recording data. Nevertheless they do follow certain conventions.

Error Analysis in Biology
Error analysis in biology is no different from that in other sciences. Biology however is not an "exact" science in that much of the data collected by biologists is qualitative.

All About Graphs
For graphs to be understood there are some conventions that need to be learned.

Statistics are useful mathematical tools which are used to analyse data.

Group 4 Project
All the sciences are involved (ie all the IB students), working on the same theme by investigating the same problem from different perspectives.

Scientific Posters
Scientists present their work at seminars or conferences. Unfortunately, not everyone can speak at a conference so many scientists present their work on posters which are exhibited during the conference.

Molecular Images
Please feel free to use these images for homework, project work or lab reports. They are accurate in terms of formulae. The 3-D images are interpretations only!


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