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Asexual reproduction in Animals

In the animal kingdom there are very few examples of asexual reproduction. The fact that animals have complex bodies makes it difficult for them to break into two or grow a bud. There are some examples amongst the simple animals. One good example is the Hydra which lives in freshwater ponds and streams. The Hydra shows budding similar to that of yeasts. An adult Hydra will develop a swelling on the side of its body. This will grow into a daughter bud. Eventually this daughter will grow tentacles and start to feed itself by catching small water animals. At this point it breaks off from the mother Hydra and floats freely until it lands on a support.

Drawing of a budding hydra © Shirley Burchill


The hydra develops a "bud".


The bud develops a mouth and tentacles


When it is fully formed the daughter hydra detaches from its parent.


The daughter hydra is now fully independent.

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