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Social Behaviour of Animals : Question 1
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Karl Von Frisch is famous for his study of bees. In one of his experiments he marked a few bees by placing a white spot on the thorax of each bee. Von Frisch then prepared a solution of sugar in water which he scented with lavender. He placed this solution on a table which was 2000m from the bee's hive. He then allowed his marked bees to feed on the sugar solution.

Von Frisch placed other tables at various distances from the hive. Each of these tables was scented with lavender but there was no food on them. All of the tables, including the one at 2000m, were placed in the same direction from the hive.

Von Frisch placed an assistant at each table. Each assistant counted the number of unmarked bees which visited the table during the same thirty minute period.

The results of this experiment are shown in the table below. Study the results and answer the following questions:

(a) On the graph paper below draw a histogram of Von Frisch's results. (The distance should be shown on the horizontal axis).


Table Number Distance from the hive (m) Number of unmarked bees
1 80 0
2 400 1
3 800 2
4 1200 1
5 1600 14
6 1950 92
7 2050 28
8 2400 27
9 3000 2
10 4000 0
11 5000 0


(b) Did the bees depend on the lavender scent to find their food? Give a reason for your answer.  








(c) Explain why so many unmarked bees arrived at table number  







(d) Why did no bees arrive at the table placed  80m from the hive?  







(e) Do the bees need to be able to see the sun directly in order to find the food source? What happens if the sun is completely covered by cloud?