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Social Behaviour of Animals and Plants : Question 2
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The following table shows the gain in mass in mg/cm2 of a species of lichen for each month of the year.


Month Gain in mass (mg/cm2)
January 5,0
February 5,5
March 6,0
April 6,8
May 6,7
June 6,3
July 6,2
August 5,2
September 5,0
October 5,6
November 5,7
December 5,8


(a) Draw a graph to show the gain in mass in mg/cm2 against time in months. (Time should always be shown on the horizontal axis).


(b) During which month (or months) did the lichen gain

(i) the least mass and

(ii) the most mass?





(c) Give reasons for the difference in the rate of growth of the lichen during the year.