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When the Climate is Too Cold for Animals to Remain Active : Question 3
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The hazel dormouse is a small rodent which is found in Europe. It lives in trees and it feeds mainly on hazel nuts. The hazel dormouse hibernates during winter in a nest made from grass, leaves, moss and honeysuckle.

The graph below shows the body temperature of the hazel dormouse and the air temperature during winter.

Study the graph carefully and answer the following questions:

A graph to show the body temperature of a hazel dormouse during winter
Body temperature = blue line
Air temperature = red line

(a) (i) When does the dormouse start its hibernation?

(ii) What is the air temperature when the dormouse starts hibernating?



(b) (i)What is the body temperature of the dormouse in the month of December?

(ii) Why is it important that the body temperature oft the dormouse does not fall below this?



(c) Describe what happens to the dormouse in the months of February and March.