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How Plants Survive Winter : Question 2
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Diagrams A and B below show the same branch of a horse chestnut tree in February 1988 and February 1989.

(A) A horse chestnut branch, February 1988

(B) The same horse chestnut branch, February 1989


(a) Carefully copy the picture showing the branch in February 1989.


(b) Label on your diagram the scars left by the terminal bud scales in each year (the ones for 1988 are already labelled).

(c) Label the parts of this branch which grew in 1988, 1987, 1986and 1985.

(d) In which year did this branch grow the most?



The photograph (far left) shows a terminal bud of a horse chestnut in winter. Compare this photo with the one next to it which shows the buds opening in Spring.

(e) What happens to the scales covering the buds?


(f) Why do you think that the buds of these trees are covered by scales in winter?