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Asexual Reproduction : Question 1
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Single-celled organisms, such as Paramecium, can reproduce very quickly by asexual reproduction. A Paramecium can divide in two, grow and be ready to divide again in 8 hours.

Answer the following questions:

(a) What must a Paramecium do if it is to grow in size before it can divide?


(b) One Paramecium is placed in a jar of pond water. If the conditions are perfect it will divide in two every 8 hours. How many Paramecia would be present in the jar after
(i) one day (24h) and
(ii) one week?


In fact the numbers of Paramecia in the jar will probably follow the pattern shown in the graph opposite. After one week are there: more Paramecia or less Paramecia than you calculated in part (b)?

Graph 2

(c) Can you explain why there should be a difference between your calculations and this graph?