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About the Open Door Web Site

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About the Open Door Team

We are all teachers and the aim of the web site is to make our work available on-line for students and teachers world-wide.

Present Team Members Shirley Burchill (Webmaster), Paul Billiet, Alan Damon, David Hoult, Antony McDermott, Nicholas Bunch and Jennifer Elliot.


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The Open Door Web Site is non-profit making. Your donations help towards the cost of maintaining this free service on-line.

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Past Team Members : Richard Gale, Peter Price, Deborah James, Chris Green, Lin Noan, Teresa Lewis and Mathew Hill

With special thanks to Christine Pouvreau for all her help with the laboratory illustrations, as well as Sara Porter, Gordon Porter, Ally Balloch, Huguette Zahler, Gérard Temkine, John Hembury and Martine Hembury for the use of their photographs.

This site is dedicated to Sharon Fenton, David Fuller, Nigel Hughes and Keith Woodall

Source Material

The Natural Science section is an adaptation of two books which were published in the early 90's and a from 1998 publication.

Paul Billiet, Shirley Burchill. 1990. Discovering Natural Science. Paris, France: REMI.

Paul Billiet, Shirley Burchill. 1991. Advancing in Natural Science. Paris, France: REMI.

Paul Billiet, Shirley Burchill, Alan Damon and Deborah James. 1998 Having Fun in Natural Science. Paris, France, REMI.

The History section is an adaptation of three books that were published in 1995.

Richard Gale, Nigel Hughes, Keith Woodall and Shirley Burchill. 1995. The Shaping of Modern Europe. Paris, France, REMI.

Richard Gale, Nigel Hughes, Peter Price, Keith Woodall and Shirley Burchill. 1995. Britain: Island State to Empire. Paris, France, REMI.

Nigel Hughes, Peter Price, Keith Woodall and Shirley Burchill. 1996. Two Centuries of Revolutionary Change. Paris, France, REMI.

Making Use of the Questions

The questions and practical work sheets are best used by opening the corresponding PDF file. For this you will need to access the free download, Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you have not already done so). The link below will take you to the Adobe homepage.

Once viewed in Adobe Acrobat reader the files can be saved and printed.

There is also an HTML version of each biology question which can be saved from screen. However, for those questions which included images, each image needs to be saved in order to work with the HTML file. The advantage to this method is that the questions can be answered on screen by calling the HTML file into a suitable word processing programme. Work can then either be printed or e-mailed to the teacher (as a .zip attachment if there are images). If the work is to be printed remember to put page headings on each separate page.

A Note About Spelling

We have tried to be consistent with spelling! The ODWS uses British spelling in general. The team, however, is multi-national and there may be occasions when US spelling has been used.

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Any individual, family, school or another appropriate organisation can sponsor a page on the Open Door Web Site. To sponsor a page costs 50€. Your name (or the name of the organisation) will appear on the right hand side of the page. Please use the donation button on the What's New? page:


Public Domain: For information about images in the Public Domain please refer to the following websites:

The Open Door Team supports Open Education Resources. Its our way of giving back.

Every attempt has been made to ask permission to use the illustrations that are not in the public domain and which are not our own work. Thank you to all those who agreed to our requests.

Not-for-profit use of ODWS images

Any student has permission to use any of the ODWS original images in his/her assignments. This includes word processing, PowerPoint presentations and web sites. The ODWS team only asks that you credit the image and link back to the Open Door Web Site (© ODWS www.saburchill.com)

All of the images copyrighted to the ODWS may be used for general not-for-profit publication with prior permission from the ODWS webmaster. This includes printed material, websites and PPT presentations. The ODWS team asks that you credit the image and link back to the Open Door Web Site (© ODWS www.saburchill.com)

For-profit use of ODWS images

All original ODWS images are available for purchase for one-time, non-exclusive electronic or conventional print use. This includes internet, multimedia and paper publications. The cost is 200€ per image for a printed publication and 100€ per image for use on a profit-making website or presentation. Once payment has been made via PayPal the purchaser will receive a email asking for the exact URL giving the location of the image purchased. Once this information has been received, the ODWS will send a 300dpi copy of the purchased image.

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