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The Hydrosphere, the Lithosphere and the Biosphere

Introduction to the Hydrosphere

The North Sea, Filey, UK © Shirley Burchill

Liquid water is essential to life on Earth. The chemical symbol for water is H2O. It can exist as a solid (ice), As a liquid (water) or as a gas (water vapour).
Introduction to the Lithosphere

Ayre's Rock, Australia © Shirley Burchill

Although humans depend on the rocks of the lithosphere to walk on or build on, most of the life forms on Earth do not need solid ground to survive.
Introduction to the Biosphere

Cattle © Shirley Burchill

Life has never been observed anywhere else in the universe. Although many scientists agree that there must be some kind of life elsewhere in the universe, there is no evidence to prove that there is.

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