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The Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom can be divided into many phyla. There are eight phyla shown: jellyfish, flat worms, round worms, ringed worms, starfish, molluscs, arthropods and the chordate phylum. All but the last phylum, are referred to as invertebrates because they have no skeleton. The last one, the chordate phylum, is made up of animals which have a skeleton. Such animals are called vertebrates.

It is possible to divide a phylum into smaller groups. The arthropod phylum can be divided into groups such as crustaceans and insects. The chordate phylum can be divided up into groups such as fish, reptiles, and mammals

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The Arthropods

A myriapod © Shirley Burchill

A spider  © Shirley Burchill

Great Diving Beetle  © Shirley Burchill

Hermit Crab  © Shirley Burchill

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