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The International Baccalaureate at the Ecole Jeannine Manuel, Paris

The Ecole Jeannine Manuel is one of the few schools in France to offer international students the opportunity to enrol in the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. The Ecole Jeannine Manuel is a truly international school with students and teachers representing over 68 countries. It is a marvellous mix of cultures and traditions that share the common goal to live and work together in harmony and understanding.

The International Baccalaureate classes are particularly diverse in cultural origins, with around 30 different nationalities represented by 120 students following the two-year diploma programme. International students can enter the school at all levels, from kindergarten to 12th grade. Those students with little or no previous instruction in the French language are placed in adaptation classes for one year, where they follow a French immersion curriculum which, at the same time, allows English speaking students to continue a mother-tongue curriculum.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme can be represented by the following model


© image IBO Diploma Programme model

An IB diploma student takes a subject from each of the six groups. Three subjects are presented at Higher Level (HL) and three subjects at Standard Level (SL). In addition to these six subjects, every diploma student follows a Theory of Knowledge course, completes a 4000 word Extended Essay and participates in activities involving creation, action and service (CAS).

The beauty of the IB diploma programme is its ability to allow a student to design his or her own curriculum. Mother-tongue (best) languages can be offered in group 1 and the EABJM works with external mother-tongue language teachers. Examples of group 1 languages offered in recent years are Russian, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Icelandic, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Finnish. The EABJM also works with external teachers for language B. 

Subjects currently offered in the IB Diploma at the Ecole Jeannine Manuel are

Group 1 French A Literature
French A Language and Literature
English A Literature
English A Language and Literature
Group 2 French B
English B
Spanish B
Note: For those students wishing to follow any other language at A or B levels, the EABJM will help to find an external teacher and work in conjunction with this tutor.
Group 3 History SL, History of Europe HL,  (the language of tuition is English)
Geography SL (the language of tuition is English)
Economics HL and SL (the language of tuition is French)
Group 4 (All subjects taught in English) Biology HL and SL, Physics HL and SL
Group 5 Mathematics HL and SL, Mathematical Studies SL
Group 6 Visual Arts HL and SL
(Also Chemistry HL and SL, Biology HL and SL, History SL, History of Europe HL, Spanish B HL and SL*)

*Spanish B is also offered as a seventh (certificate) subject.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

An essential part of the diploma programme, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is taught at the Ecole Jeannine Manuel by a team of teachers, each one specializing in one area of knowledge.

IB Teachers

Many of the Ecole Jeannine Manuel teachers have contributed to the Open Door Web Site (ODWS) pages. All of them are highly experienced IB teachers.

Paul Billiet teaches both Biology HL and SL. A IB examiner in biology, Paul Billiet was an IBO deputy chief examiner and is presently the principal moderator for biology internal assessment. Paul Billiet has contributed to all of the biology sections of the ODWS, including all of the IB Biology pages. He is the co-author of ‘Further Investigations in Biology’ (Billiet, Casalis, Gaurenne, James. IBID Press. Australia 1999).

Alan Damon teaches Biology SL and ITGS SL and has contributed to the biology and technology sections. Alan Damon is the co-author of Heinemann Baccalaureate: Biology Higher Level (Alan Damon, Randy McGonegal, Patricia Tosto, William Ward) published in December 2007.

Nicholas Bunch teaches HL History and has contributed to the Study Guide section of the ODWS web site

Shirley Burchill, Head of the International Baccalaureate at the EABJM, is the webmaster of the Open Door Web Site.


The Ecole Jeannine Manuel Paris is a day school and is unable to accept students who are not living with their families or legal guardians. For those students who are interested in the Ecole Jeannine Manuel IB Diploma Programme and are thinking of moving to France on their own, the Ecole  Jeannine Manuel Lille Metropole also offers the IB Diploma Programme and has a boarding facility.