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Notes on Plagiarism
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Examination Revision
Using a dictionary, a textbook and an encyclopaedia
Using the internet for research
Final note to parents


Guides and Revision Aids

How to write a Bibliography and how to avoid plagiarism.
Citation Machine: A valuable link for IB students
Subject Reference Guide for the Internet
Internet Guide for Parents and Students
Internet Guide for Teachers


Specific Subject Information and Revision Help

Tips on Studying History
IB and OI Grade History and Geography Revision
IB Biology
IB Physics
IB Math Studies


Note to parents

Please try to encourage your children to use their dictionary, textbook and encyclopaedia. The Internet, when correctly used, is a good source of information but, quite often, it is easier and quicker to use a book reference source. Try not to give the answer to a question your child asks you but encourage research. Help your child use the correct source. It may take more time but it will get your child used to research work and become more independent.




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Using the internet for research


  1. For younger students, the internet should only be used if the teacher has specifically requested it, or if the information required could not be found in a reference book. Teachers usually give instructions and website addresses for students to consult, directing them to sites with appropriate content.

  2. Using the internet is not any easier than using a book, and printing out a page from a website is not acceptable as homework. To properly use a website, the information on it must be read, understood and then applied to the homework exercise.

  3. If your homework assignment is more general research, using search engines such as Google or Yahoo can be very useful, but be sure to search intelligently. identify the key words in your research topic, and use them as search words.

    Assignment - "Write a paragraph about the climate of Kenya. Be sure to include temperature, precipitation and humidity in your answer."

    Your Google search should be "climate Kenya".

  4. Once you have found some websites, you need to assess which ones are most useful to you. If you can see 5 words that you do not understand, the site is probably too difficult for you.

  5. Unlike books, many websites are never edited or verified, so sometimes the information they contain can be wrong. However, many sites are excellent and contain reliable up-to-date information. You need to learn to recognise the good sites from the bad ones. There are 3 clues to recognise a good site: you should be able to scroll down to the bottom of the site and see the name of the person who is responsible for the site and the date on which it was last updated.

    If the last updated date is recent, it means that the site is still being regularly checked and the information is up-to-date. If the site is an 'official' site of an organisation, a school or a company, the information is more likely to be correct than a personal website. You will need this information about the website to write your bibliography, so you just need to check the site before you start reading and taking notes.


Final note to parents

If your child makes use of the above information he/she will gradually develop skills in method and organisation that will serve him/her through secondary school. If your child is encountering difficulties in a specific subject you should speak directly to the teacher concerned. The difficulty may be due to poor method, or perhaps there is something specific that your child has not understood about a particular topic.


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