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The Pilgrims' Way of Life

Like Puritans, the Pilgrims had to wear sad-looking colours, that is black, grey or brown. Their Sunday service took place in a "meeting house", a simple hall or even a room in someone's home, since they did not believe in having a church.

Pilgrims Goning to Church by Albert Christopher Addison

With the kind permission of Chris Fennell

The Sunday meeting had to be "dignified", which meant separating men and women on opposite sides of the meeting house. It started at 8h00, with one hour of prayers during which the Pilgrims remained standing. Nobody could kneel for prayers since kneeling was associated with the Catholic Church and the equally hated Church of England.

There were no organs or any other musical instruments, but the congregation sang psalms unaccompanied. After prayers, the pastor gave a three hour sermon. The pastor was elected by all the adult male Pilgrims in the congregation.

A one hour break at 12h00 was followed by further prayers and another sermon at 13h00. The Sunday service was finished with a discussion session. Here any topic, either religious, political or of a practical nature, could be brought up, but only by the free men. Again, women were excluded.

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