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Conditions Needed for Seed Germination

2. To find out if air is needed for seed germination

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To find out if air is needed for seed germination.


1. Take two plastic beakers and place a cotton wool pad in the bottom of each.

2. Add seeds to each beaker. (Ask your teacher what kind and how many.)

3. Label the beakers "Air" and "No Air". Write your name and the date on each.

4. Add enough water to both beakers to saturate the cotton (but not to cover the seeds).

5. To the beaker labelled "No Air", add enough cooking oil to cover the seeds.

6. Cover both beakers with cling film. Pierce 20 holes in the cling film of the beaker labelled "Air" using a needle. Do not pierce holes in the other beaker.

7. Place both beakers in the light cupboard for one week.


Seed germiantion appartus ©  Shirley Burchill


Seed germiantion appartus ©  Shirley Burchill


Observations after one week


No Air



Conclusion: Explain your results

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