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Observing Chestnut Buds

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Information : Survival Above Ground for a Deciduous Tree

In autumn, the chestnut tree drops its leaves and the tree becomes dormant for the winter. Already the buds can be seen from which the next year's leaves will grow. This is how the chestnut tree prepares to survive winter.


Chestnut buds growing © Paul Billiet

Take a bud, remove the outer sticky scales, the inner brown and green scales and the cotton like structures inside. Line these up on your paper and draw what you see.

I. What are the inside structures that appear white and delicate?

2. What are the roles of the outer covering scales?

3. If these outer covering scales were damaged in winter, do you think the future leaves would be able to grow in the following spring? Give two reasons for you answer.

In the spring, the buds bulge out as water comes back into the tissues and food starts to circulate once more in the tree. Then the first green leaves start to come out with the spring sunshine. Temperature is a very important factor in the growth and development of buds.


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