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Laboratory Investigation on Cells
5. Looking at Single-celled Organisms
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Look at a ready-prepared slide of paramecia (singular = paramecium) under the microscope. In the slide preparation the paramecia are coloured red to make them easier to see. You may also be shown a photo graph of a paramecium. Make a drawing of this.

You will be shown a video clip of living paramecia. You will also see other single-celled organisms in the video. When certain types of single-celled organisms are numerous in water they are partly responsible for giving the green tinge to the water you see in ponds.

Now having seen paramecia in action, use the following labels to put on your drawing: cilia (which are used in movement), cell membrane and nucleus.





Daphnia, a multi-cellular microscopic organism (photo by Paul Billiet)

Some of the organisms found in a drop of water are multi-cellular organisms. Even though they are tiny, they are made up of many different types of cells.