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How to Work in a Biology Laboratory

The laboratory is a classroom with a difference. You will find that in science classes you will receive lessons where you will work at your place on your bench. You will also find yourself doing practical work in the laboratory. In practical work we will be carrying out observations or doing experiments to test your ideas.

Practical work in a laboratory (photo by Paul Billiet)

Practical work is interesting and you will learn to use the methods and equipment that a scientist uses.

Some of the experiments that you will do are very precise and delicate. Some of the chemicals and equipment that you will use could be dangerous if you do not use them properly. If you are careful, however, there will be no risk and the results of your investigations will be accurate.

Chemicals used by students during certain practicals

During practical work you will carry out experiments and make observations.

So that your work in the laboratory is safe and interesting we have a number of rules in the laboratory. You will see they are not rules to stop you from enjoying science, they are rules which make sense.



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