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Question on the Use of the Microscope

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1. How do you put the coverslip on a slide without getting bubbles trapped under it ?


2. Why do we put the slide under the spring clips on the stage of the microscope ?


3. How do you adjust the amount of light coming into the microscope ?


4. Using high power, would you need more or less light than when you use low power?


5. What is the difference between illumination by reflected light and by transmitted light ?


6. How would you use a mirror instead of a lamp under the microscope?


7. When you are focusing on an object in which order should the three objective lenses be used ?


8. When focusing on an object, why do we always start with the objective lens near the specimen ?


9. How should you clean a microscope lens?


10. Calculate the total magnification of the following lenses

(a) using a X10 eye-piece with a X40 objective lens?


(b) using a X15 eye-piece with a X63 objective lens?


(c) using a X15 eye-piece with a X4 objective lens?


(d) which is more powerful: a X5 eye-piece and a X20 objective or a X7 eye-piece and a X40 objective?


11. How should a microscope be put away