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Practical Work Contents

Making Measurements


Digital Measuring Instruments

Experiment Reports


I Measuring Small Distances : The Vernier Scale
II The Cathode Ray Tube
III Planning Exercises
IV Data Analysis Exercises


Using Measuring Instruments

Using a Ruler
Using a Voltmeter
Using Vernier Callipers


Measuring Relative Density of some Common Solids 1M
Friction 2M
The Coefficient of Restitution 3M
Springs and Elasticity 4M
Oscillatory Motion 5M
Acceleration due to Gravity (Simple pendulum) 6M
Damping of Simple Pendulum 7M
Circular Motion 8M
Can Forces be Added in the same way as Displacements? 9M

Electricity and Magnetism

Thermal Physics

Specific Heat Capacity of Water


Specific Latent Heat of Vaporisation of Water


Specific Latent Heat of Fusion of Water


The Boyle/Mariotte Law


The Pressure Law


Charles' Law


Waves and Optics

Wavelength of Sodium Light 1W
Vibration of a wire under Tension 2W
Resonance in Air Columns 3W
Snell's Law of Refraction of Light 4W
Experiments with Ultra Sound 5W
Lenses 6W
Observing Diffraction of Light using a Low Power Laser 7W

Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Experiment to measure e/m 1AN
Experiment to Estimate Planck's Constant 2AN
Radio-active Decay 3AN

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