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The Primary Ecology Club Plays

Between 1993 and 1995 I ran a Primary Ecology Club at the Ecole Jeannine Manuel. The students met for one hour every week. They began their project by watching a wildlife video. Then the students constructed a food web for the ecosystem. Each student studied a particular animal, researched it and painted it. Finally the students wrote a play and performed it. These are the plays they wrote:

Antarctica :The script was based on Sir David Attenborough's wildlife documentary series about Antarctica, "Life in the Freezer" (BBC)

Ghost Town : This script was inspired by a BBC Wildlife video called 'A town named Ruby'. It told how the animal life was moving into a deserted mining town located in the Sonoran desert.

The Sea of Cortez : The script was written after watching a BBC video called "Shadow over the Desert Sea". It described how deep trawling is destroying the coral ecosystem in the Sea of Cortez.

The Amazon Rainforest : This script was based on a BBC video which described the annual flooding of the Amazon River and the effect it has on the ecosystem.

Shirley Burchill January 2016


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