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All living organisms can be classified into five groups called Kingdoms.

The Animal Kingdom is one of these groups. It is sub-divided into groups called phyla (sing : phylum). Animals with the same characteristics are placed in the same phylum.

One way of deciding which phylum an animal belongs to is by using a key. by observing the animal and seeing whether or not it has the characteristics listed for the phyla you can place it in its correct group.

In this quiz you are asked to classify twenty different animals. You can use the key shown in the next column to help you. There table includes some hyperlinks to websites which help describe certain phyla and certain characteristics.

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1. Vertebrate (has a backbone)
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Invertebrate (does not have a backbone)
*GO TO 7*

2. Body covered with hair or fur

Body not covered with hair or fur
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3. Body covered with feathers

Body not covered with feathers
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4. Body covered with leathery, hairless skin

Body not covered with leathery, hairless skin
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5. Has gills

Does not have gills
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6. Naked, wet body. 
Webbed feet.

7. Has an exoskeleton - arthropod
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Does not have an exoskeleton
*GO TO 12*

8. Has six legs and three parts to the body

Does not have six legs
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9. Has eight legs and two parts to the body

Does not have eight legs
*GO TO 10*

10. Many pairs of legs, some 'feathery' and used as gills

Many pairs of legs. No gills. Long, segmented body
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11. One pair of legs on each segment.

Two pairs of legs on each segment

12. Star-shaped with five 'arms'

Does not have five 'arms'
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13. Long, soft body; sometimes segmented; no legs or antennae

Soft body, sometimes protected by a shell. May have eight 'arms'; may have antennae


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