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How Animals Feed : Question 4
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Read the information and answer the questions which follow it in the spaces provided.


Mussel (photo by Paul Billiet)

'The adult mussel and the adult barnacle are both filter feeders. They live in the intertidal zone of a rocky seashore. They can be found attached to rocks and stones. The adults do not move once they are attached to a solid surface. When the tide is in the seawater covers both animals and they start to feed. The barnacle is surrounded by a hard, chalky cover and the mussel lives inside two halves of a tough shell.'




(a) What does a filter feeder living in the sea actually eat?


(b) What is an intertidal zone?



(c) Why do you think that the mussel and the barnacle are able to stay in one place all of their lives when most animals have to move to find their food?


(d) Mussels are found in large numbers in mussel beds. There are 800 mussels in 1m2 in a mussel bed. Each mussel filters 70dm3 of sea water each day.
How much sea water is filtered in 1 hectare (10000m2 )each day?

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