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Breathing in the Air : The Lungs : Question 1
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1. Identify the parts labelled A, B, C D and E

A =

B =

C =

D =

E =

2. What is the organ (which is not shown on this diagram) found between the lungs?


3. What three things happen to the air in the nasal cavity as we breathe in?

1 =

2 =

3 =

4. How are the lungs protected and supported?

protected =


supported =


5. Which way do the ribs move when we inspire?


6. Which way does the diaphragm move when we expire?


7. How does the epiglottis protect the lungs?


8. Why do the trachea and the bronchi have cartilage rings around them?


9. Describe, in a few sentences, the appearance of a real set of lungs. (You can choose from the following adjectives : hard, soft, smooth, red, pink, grey, spongy, wet, dry).