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Breathing in the Air : The Lungs : Question 3
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Answer the questions in the spaces provided by filling in the missing words.


1. The thorax contains two major organs, the lungs and the                .

2. When we breathe in the ribs                  and the diaphragm                .

3. When we exercise we breathe faster and                 than when we are resting.

4. The trachea has rings of                 around it to stop it from collapsing.

5. The trachea divides into two                . to take air in and out of each lung.

6. The lungs are full of microscopic air sacs called                . and microscopic blood vessels called                 .

7. The air that we breathe in contains more                . than the air that we breathe out.

8. The air that we breathe out contains more                . and                . than the air that we breathe in.

9. The gases                .and carbon dioxide are transported around the body in the                .

10. The gas carbon dioxide is produced all over our bodies by the process called                .

11. To prevent dust from entering the lungs the                . has hairs and mucus to trap the large dust particles.

12. The trachea is also covered in mucus which traps fine dust particles. This mucus is swept up to the mouth by microscopic hairs called                .

13. So that the food and drink does not pass into the trachea when we swallow, the entrance to the trachea is protected by the                .

14. When a person smokes a cigarette he breathes in chemicals such as                . which can damage the lungs.

15. The exhaust gases of motor cars contain                 which combines with the                 to prevent it from carrying oxygen.