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Reproduction in Birds : Question 2
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The diagram below shows the body of a hen with the position of the ovary and the oviduct in her abdomen. The hen has only got one ovary and one oviduct. This is the same for most species of birds.


Hen's reproductive system


The labels A, B, Cand D on the oviduct show the position of the egg and the time it has taken to travel down the oviduct.
Below are four diagrams showing the egg at four stages of its development (the diagrams are not to scale):


egg development


1. Which stages of development 1, 2, 3 or 4 will be found at position A and position D?

At A=

At D=

12. Where will the hen's egg be fertilized by the cock's sperm? At position A, B, C or D?


3. On the egg at stage 3, what is the part labelled X?


4. On the egg at stage 3 there are thick strands of albumen on each side of the yolk. What do these strands do?