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Different Ways of Growing : Question 2
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The diagrams below show how a tadpole develops into an adult frog. The pictures are numbered in the order of development.


To show how a tadpole develops into an adult frog


1. At which stage do the tadpole's legs first appear?


2. Which legs appear first? (Front legs or hind legs?)


3. Describe what happens to the tail of the tadpole during its development.





4. Why do you think that the tadpole hatches with a tail but without legs?





5. Which other vertebrate group of animals does the tadpole look like most?



6. The diagram of the adult frog has a scale of x 0,5. Measure the diagram from the end of its nose to the end of its body (in cms). Give the length of the diagram and calculate the length of the real frog.

Length of diagram =

pace for calculation



Length of the real frog =