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Communication Inside the Organism : Question 2
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There are two types of nerves in the body of an animal - these are

  1. the sensory nerves which send information to the spinal cord and the brain and

  2. the motor nerves which send information from the brian and the spinal cord to the muscles.

In the following examples give the type of sensory nerves which are sending information to the brain and how the brain responds to this information.



Message to the brain

The response of the brain

A rabbit quickly hops into its burrow because it has seen a fox.





A female cricket hears a male's call and hops towards him.





A mole's nose touches a worm which the mole quickly eats.





A male silkmoth senses the perfume of a female and flies against the wind to reach her.





A shark senses blood in the water and swiftly swims towards its source.