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Part I : Introduction

Living and Non-living Things

Groups of Animals

Part II : Movement and Feeding


Movement on Land

Movement in the Air

Movement in Water

Recognizing and Choosing Food

How Animals Feed

How Food is Digested

Part III : How Living Organisms Breathe

Breathing in the Air : The Lungs

Animals which Breathe through their Skin

Breathing Underwater

Living without Oxygen

Part IV : How Plants Feed

Feeding in Green Plants

Part VI : Animal Reproduction

Mating and Fertilization

Reproduction in Birds

Reproduction in Mammals

Different Ways of Growing

Part VII : Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Flowers and Reproduction

Fruits and Seeds

Seed Germination

Part VIII : Introduction to the Earth

Part IX : Climates, Biomes and Ecosystems

Weather and Climate


and Ecosystems

Part X : Environmental Factors Appropriate for Life

Part XI : Human Influences on the Environment

Part XII : Energy and Activity

Feeding, Breathing and Activity

Activity in a Changing Climate

When the Climate is too Cold for Animals to Remain active

How Plants Survive Winter II

The Chapter : How Plants Survive Winter I
The Chapter : How Plants Survive Winter II
The Summary

Part XIII : Colonizing and Populating Habitats

Seeds and Spores

Animal Life Cycles and Dispersal

 Asexual Reproduction

Part XIV: How Animals Communicate

The Effect of Stimuli on the Behaviour of an Organism

Emitters and Receptors

Communication Inside the Organism

Part XV : The Interdependence of Living Things

Social Behaviour

Special Relationships

The Ecosystem



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